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Cutek CD50 is a unique wood protection oil which keeps wood looking great for many years.

It comes as a clear oil (natural) and can be tinted to 17 colourtones which once added enhance the natural look of your timber.

By penetrating the timber so effectivly the Cutek CD50 is able to minimise warping, cupping and splitting, which means your exterior timber lasts years longer.

With a colourtone, the added UV protection keeps the natural colour for much longer.

For more detailed information you can contact us or view the follow PDF factsheets from the Cutek website.

Recommended Colour by Timber Type

Western Red Cedar Kwila/Merbau Turpentine/Sivertop
Cedartone Autumntone Browntone
Cornish Gold Burnt Red Sela Brown
New Bronzetone Sela Brown  
Jarrah Blue Gum Blackbutt
Burnt Red Autumntone Rustic Gold
Walnut Burnt Red Goldtone
Spotted Gum Rose/Flooded Gum Brush Box
New Bronzetone Autumntone Browntone
Sela Brown Burnt Red Sela Brown
Rustic Gold    
Ironbark Tallow Wood New Guinea Rosewood
Chestnut Rustic Gold Rustic Gold
Burnt Red Goldtone Sela Brown
Malas Coral Ash Red Gum
Autumntone Rustic Gold Autumntone
Sela Brown Goldtone Burnt Red
Rustic Gold Cornish Gold  
Pine Cypress Weathered Look
Cypress Cypress Grey Mist
Goldtone   Smokey Grey
Bamboo Mixed Hardwood  
Rustic Gold Sela Brown  
Greymist New Bronzetone  

Traditional film-forming coatings vs CUTEK™

Water is timber’s greatest enemy.

Most paints and stains attempt to control water and water vapour by forming a surface film.

In only a short time,

  • UV and wear causes film breakdown which allows water and water vapour into the wood
  • moisture moving in and out causes shrinkage and swelling, splitting, loss of dimensional stability, greater susceptibility to environmental degradation.

CUTEK™ however,

  • does not form a film but diffuses through the timber controlling moisture from the inside
  • significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment
  • stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement
  • is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.